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"Don’t throw your money away on a gym membership. If you really want to make a lasting investment in yourself, then go for an evaluation at FASTRx. You won't be disappointed."

- Jason M., Physician and Client​

*individual results may vary​

FASTRx is a highly customized method for personal transformation. In a very short time, our clients experience changes in their physical shape, their mental acumen, and how they project power in their lives.

Introducing a Highly Customized and Proven Method for Personal Transformation

Based on goals you help set and in a time frame you choose, our clients experience changes in their physical shape, their mental acumen, personal self-confidence and how they project power in their lives. FASTRx Personal Performance is composed of fitness and personal performance professionals that will become YOUR TEAM in achieving the changes you want. We invite you to compare our customized and unique services with our competitors.

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-One personal fitness coaching in our private facility. It is customized to your specific body type and capabilities. All exercises are designed to achieve your desired peak physical condition and aesthetic shape. All our Personal Trainers are certified, gifted as instructors, and personally committed to your success. Many hold certifications in three or more areas of fitness and performance improvement.

Mutual Accountability for Your Achieving Success

Your Personal Trainer will work with you from your initial assessment to establish achievable goals and create benchmarks at regular intervals for you to assess your progress. FASTRx Personal Performance and you a roadmap integrating individually supervised physical workouts, diet modification, improving your self-image, and building an external support system. Our goal is for you to be happier, healthier, with the body that you want.


Corey is a fabulous trainer!!! He definitely got me on the right track back to a healthy lifestyle!! It was the accountability aspect that really impressed me, he critiques your diet, your sleep, your stress level, and of course your exercise, all the things that work together to create a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend FASTRx !!

Monica B. ,

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One-on-One Personal Performance

90% of the battle is mental, emotional and always personal. Through experienced counseling, behavior modification and other proven methods your Coach will help you find the inner strength you need to accelerate success and make positive change.

Constant Nutritional and Diet Monitoring

We are what we eat. Your Personal Trainer will monitor your diet (not just the calorie counts) on a daily basis and provide you feedback to accelerate your weight loss or gain, find extra strength and stamina. For many, managing what they eat is the toughest obstacle to achieving their fitness, appearance and self-confidence goals. FASTRx Personal Performance and you, partnering together, can beat the bulges!

FASTRx Network of Health & Personal Performance Professionals

Because we are local, not a chain of big box fitness gyms, we have created a partnership with health and personal performance professionals, the Best of the Best, whom you can access at a significant discount because you are one of our clients. The FASTRx Network includes plastic and bariatric surgeons, licensed massage therapist, event planners and photographers, cosmetic and personal appearance consultants. If you need additional help—FASTRx Personal Performance has a respected professional partner for you.


We are committed to you and your success, we will keep you going and keep you on track. If you follow our program and faithfully apply our advice and guidance throughout your transformation process—you will achieve your fitness, appearance, health and confidence goals. This is an utterly unique commitment in the personal transformation industry.

It is important to recognize that with all fitness regimens, including the ones mapped out at FASTRx, individual results and experiences may vary.

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